3 Ways to Make More with your Rental Investment This Spring Season

Remember the days of camping out in a rental office waiting to check in for hours, only to be turned away because your property wasn’t ready yet? Those memories belong to the past. 

Thankfully, over the past decade, the convenience and security of contactless solutions in addition to contactless check-in has caught on with professional property managers. It’s important to remember, without thoughtful processes, property management companies run the risk of losing a piece of a positive guest experience when implementing contactless systems. 

Stay Breeze is exemplary in its ability to incorporate a contactless system while maintaining the personal touch required to create exceptional guest experiences. Here’s how our process stands out: 

Contactless Check-In

Regardless of a guest booking through channels such as VRBO or Airbnb, or directly booking on your site, contactless check-in reroutes the time previously spent on check-in routine to important guest services such as special requests, quick responses, and high-quality guest experiences. 

And this is only the beginning of contactless benefits! Consider the need for social distancing in 2020 and beyond. Contactless vacation rental solutions are able to adapt to the changing needs of travelers today. Not only are the check-in processes socially distanced, but this process allows guests to begin their vacation on their time and take advantage of guest services sooner.  

When a traveler first begins their property search on Google, Airbnb, or VRBO there is a demonstrated need for contactless search preferences and property results. Whether it is contactless check-in or entry, this is a big selling point.

At Stay Breeze, contactless capabilities coupled with open door to 24/7 support provides guests with confidence and peace of mind.

Smart Locks

Due to an increase in demand, and the more recent need for social distancing, smart locks, and keyless entry have quickly transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. Smart locks and keyless entry benefit both the guest and property owner by eliminating the risk of key copies and providing a check-in code unique to each party. 

If you work with a full-service management company such as Stay Breeze, our team will provide suggestions for how to optimize your property’s overall guest experience. This is the point where smart locks and keyless entry would be recommended. 

A few smart lock third-party vendors Stay Breeze recommends are Dormakaba, Lynx, and PointCentral. 

ID Verification 

As an owner, your vacation rental management company should help you feel secure and excited about full booking calendars. Prior to confirmation, Stay Breeze screens a multi-vendor “bad guest” database. This database not only prevents damage claims or guests flagged for false identities from booking but also eliminates the need to verify and copy IDs at a check-in desk. 

How does this screening process work? Guest screening relies on a robust algorithm to guide the risk rating of a potential guest. Relying on factors such as chosen date, unit preference, and guest history, the Stay Breeze team is able to confidently determine who to monitor and who to deny a reservation. 

Choosing Your Vacation Rental Company

Whether you are exploring property management company options for the first time or making a change, it’s important to take into consideration whether the company already has contactless offerings. Even more so, do your options have a team, such as the one at Stay Breeze, who is prepared to grow and adapt their contactless solutions for ever-evolving guest experiences? All important aspects to consider in the decision-making process.  

Ready to list your property with the leader in contactless vacation rental solutions? Get in touch through the form below for more information about how to list with Stay Breeze.