Strategic Marketing to Expand your Property's Potential

The established marketing program at Stay Breeze is key vacation rental management component. This requires established expertise, trusted service and a high-quality guest database. Stay Breeze value-driven marketing demonstrates how the right marketing strategy will deliver more bookings and diversify a property’s income stream. If these results weren’t tempting enough, Stay Breeze marketing sets your property up for success in the short and long-term with projected impacts in repeat reservations, guest experience and ratings and reviews. 

Trusted Expertise

The foundations of the current Stay Breeze team began in 1990 through resort and rental management in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Starting as a small, but agile team, the founders of Stay Breeze have since successfully marketed, grown and branded three vacation rental management companies.


Stay Breeze’s partner companies consistently provide higher occupancy rates, increased revenue and decreased spend for their homeowners through: 


  • Distribution channels such as VRBO and Airbnb (List not all-inclusive)
  • Strategic website developments to promote direct bookings
  • High-quality guest database for email marketing  

High-Quality Guest Database

With more than 30 years of operation in the vacation rental industry, Stay Breeze is led by vacation rental experts with a dependable guest database. With verified guest ID technology and in-depth marketing strategies, the Stay Breeze team understands the importance of guest data, staying in front of trends and exceptional guest communication. Stay Breeze employs these marketing strategies to name a few:


  • Optimized listing descriptions
  • High-quality listing photography
  • Maintained rates and dynamic pricing
  • A competitive edge with Smart Home automation

How to Adjust Your Rental Rates

Stay Breeze uses dynamic pricing to keep properties competitive while growing revenue and increasing occupancy. What is Dynamic Pricing? A process that revolves around determining the right price, at the correct date and time, in front of a target audience, on the right booking platform.

With years of practice studying the trends in vacation rental data, the Stay Breeze dynamic pricing algorithm is built to adapt and optimize your property’s performance. However, Stay Breeze doesn’t rely on algorithms alone for property pricing. The Stay Breeze team combines an in-house team of Revenue Managers alongside technology to create a proven pricing approach. Based on oftentimes up-to-the-hour pricing conditions, there is no replacement for people power in vacation rental market monitoring. 


Interested in understanding how the Stay Breeze dynamic pricing plan applies to your property? Schedule your time with a representative today.

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