A vacation rental should serve as an investment you are able to grow, not let go. This can be difficult though, particularly when you have to ride the wave of traveler trends, weather events, and in general, the dynamic nature of the vacation rental industry. 

Hours upon hours are oftentimes spent searching for the best place to find guests for your property, then managing housekeeping, maintenance and more on the weekends. Stay Breeze exists to introduce a stress free approach to vacation rental ownership.

Stay Breeze began in 2020 with the mindset that each homeowner and guest should be able to rent with ease. Every step of the seamless Stay Breeze experience from property placement to marketing, check-in to departure has been designed by property owners, for property owners. 

The founding group of property management experts built Stay Breeze to provide a property management solution that combines the familiarity of a mom & pop shop, with the features and flexibility of top technology. 

The end result is a full-service property management solution fueled by expert people power and user-friendly experiences. 

Every day operations at Stay Breeze are based upon four pillars of excellence: ease, quality, experience and technology. These pillars help us stay focused on our continued execution of providing exceptional quality and services to each and every guest and homeowner.   


Stay Breeze enhances and improves your property and rental process to maximize freedom and flexibility. Every step of the way is designed to give you back your time and peace of mind.


Our dedicated staff and services are only matched by the 24/7 support available to property owners and guests. This program’s full-service management exceeds expectations to ensure you enjoy a rewarding investment and rave reviews.


Our collective acumen, understanding and local authority of 30+ years in property management directly translates to equity for our homeowners. The Stay Breeze team does this As your trusted partner, our priority is to always deliver the calm and contentment of knowing your investment is in good hands.


Through every step of the rental lifecycle we have created seamless experiences in revenue management, guest services and consistent transparency. The combination of our user-friendly technology and agile team has created a program that is profitable, flexible and secure.

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