Innovative Technology

Innovative Solutions for Contactless Experiences

At Stay Breeze we are built for the future. We have taken innovative technology solutions and softwares to provide the first remote property management company. 

Mobile Application

Noise Monitoring

Keyless Entry

Owner Portal

Identification Verification

Video Doorbells

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The Worlds #1 Vacation Rental Mobile Application

Increase positive reviews by providing your guests with essential tools to enhance communication, support contactless initiatives, and increase brand awareness. Stay Breeze will help increase your bookings by providing user-friendly mobile check-in and check-out options, application messaging to engage with guests before, during, or after their stay, and experience tools such as property information, itinerary builder, and more. 


Keyless Entry

In a time where contactless communications is a must, Stay breeze is able to provide guests and staff with minimal direct contact while adding a level of convenience. Our mobile application works seamlessly with our property management system to give your guests the ease of contactless check in. It is a real-time connection to provide simple, frictionless functionality. 

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Safety with Guest Verification

Bypassing the hassle of a front desk, Stay Breeze provides a simple but secure 5 step identification verification for guests to check in and allows you to feel confidence in your house being safe.


Peace of Mind with No Noise

Stay Breeze has operations inplace to protect your most important asset from noise issues, property damage, and false complaints. When a situation occurs that is unpredictable, we are the first to know about the noise issue at your property with intelligent and instant noise alerts.

Transparency in an Owner Portal

Stay Breeze strives to provide transparency with it’s owners to ensure trust and confidence in the partnership which is why we provide a user-friendly owner portal right at your fingertips. Our owners feel at ease with visibility to work orders, reservations, statements, reports, and open communication tools. 

Video Doorbells

Stay confident that guest aren’t violating the rules outlined on your listing by allowing Stay Breeze to monitor through a video doorbell. This feature enhancement acts like an additional employee as it monitors your guests when they come and go, how many guests are there, and if someone unauthorized is attempting to get in. Stay at ease as Stay Breeze keeps your property safe.