Stay Breeze Pledge

Stay Breeze Pledge

Stay Breeze Safety Protocols

The Stay Breeze team is committed to the highest level of safety and cleanliness for our staff, guests, property owners, vendors and the community. Our 30+ years of local authority and experience stand as a testament to our sincere dedication to everyone’s safety and continued success.

Personal Protective Gear

Stay Breeze provides all staff, vendors and guests with face masks and protective gloves which are expected to be worn during work hours.

Enhanced Sanitizing and Disinfecting

While housekeeping is in a vacant unit all windows are opened and ceiling fans turned on for maximum ventilation.

Once all hard and soft surfaces have passed inspection, the entire unit is sprayed with Hospitality Grade – EPA approved spray.

Enhanced Maintenance Protocols

Maintenance is trained to only enter an unoccupied property. If a guest requests maintenance during a stay this request will be completed only under approved circumstances while following all safety guidelines.

Staggered Arrival Times

As an enhanced precaution, arrival times are staggered to avoid common area congestion during given times to protect guests and housekeeping. 

Wellness Trainings & Daily Staff Check-Ins

Wellness training is required by all staff members and everyone is asked to complete a mandatory checklist prior to each shift. If any staff member displays symptoms or feels unwell we swiftly take precautions recommended by the CDC to keep everyone safe and healthy.