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Full-Service Property Management

About Stay Breeze

What is included in the Stay Breeze rental program? How does it Stay Breeze book and service my rental? How do I get paid? Here is an overview of each section of the rental program answering the questions you want to know as a homeowner.

What is Stay Breeze?

When the way people travel changed forever in 2020, we created a program to encompass what guests and owners needed to continue renting vacation properties. Stay Breeze allows you to rent with ease. With over 30 years of expert experience in the vacation rental and short term property industry, Stay Breeze is a fully remote vacation rental office providing marketing, distribution, full-service property management and more.

The Stay Breeze Difference.

Stay Breeze delivers the freedom and flexibility of a full-service property management company, coupled with the insight and approach of a trusted local partner.

We do this through the people power of our knowledgeable team combined with the remote capabilities of user-friendly technology. You can expect a seamless experience at every stage of the vacation rental lifecycle. 

Do I need a property manager if I just want to list on Airbnb and VRBO?

The answer is yes! You do not want all your bookings to come from online travel agencies (OTAs). Stay Breeze uses multiple sources of bookings to diversify travelers and lower cost of acquiring a guest. Also, as a property owner, there is much more time, knowledge and labor required to keep up and book a vacation rental property, Stay Breeze will facilitate marketing, maintenance, housekeeping, pricing and more. Mitigating risks of relying yourself to service, book and provide a safe environment for guests makes the value of a professional property manager worth the peace of mind their designation and representation assures.

Rental Services

What does the Maintenance policy include?

A/C filters, standard light bulbs and batteries, nominal parts and repairs, routine maintenance, annual preventive maintenance, seasonal maintenance inventory.

How is my unit cleaned?

Housekeeping & inspection w/ linen service options, compliant to our Stay Breeze Pledge.

Can I provide my own linens?

Yes, you can provide your own linens, towels. See linen checklist PDF for quantity, size and quality for linen supplies.

What is in a linen package?

Hotel grade linens, bath towels, kitchen dish cloths and towels, and beach / pool/ hot tub towels.

What is the Stay Breeze Pledge?

The Stay Breeze Pledge is our commitment to homeowners, guests, staff and vendors that we will follow CDC and state, local protocols to keep our properties, and entire rental experience safe, clean and socially distanced.

Do you update or renovate vacation rental properties?

Yes, we do have a design and renovation arm to help maximize the aesthetics, update furnishing and fixtures, all to provide maximize return on investment to your rental property. IQ Designs, our sister company, is a certified hospitality interior design firm, providing packages for services such as custom interior design and furnishing.

How does Stay Breeze onboard properties?

Onboarding begins with your property manager reviewing your property for each component needed for rental. A detailed checklist will be completed at site visits gathering bedding configuration, amenities, specific features, unit inventory, vendors, housekeeping , rental periods, municipal / complex regulations and more. Also, onboarding will include unit performance projections and classifications. During the onboarding process property managers will work with homeowners to implement upgrades for minimum quality standards or make suggestions to maximize rental revenue. For example replacing a queen bed into a bunk room or adding a hot tub to a back deck with a view are upgrades that can pay for themselves several times over in a short period.

How long does it take to onboard my property on to Stay Breeze?

It can take different amounts of time depending on where in the ownership process a property is when onboarding. For units already under a rental program elsewhere or self-managing with little need for upgrades onboarding can take just a few days. For properties are newly construction, renovated or going through a property sale, onboarding can take as long as large renovation requires. However, we like to work proactively to time property onboarding to meet demand for a rental based on the closing date or project completion.

What is complete property merchandising?

An audit of unit prior to rental with professional photography, floor plan, description and amenity listings. This will ensure your unit has every component to attract and convert bookings on each platform.

Who manages our properties?

Professionally designated, state-licensed property manager, general manager and operations staff make up the core management team for your property. Also Stay Breeze has a team of homeowner service representatives, as well as approved vendors managing your property.

How is my property priced?

Full-service marketing and revenue management by our corporate team and agency partners.
  • Annual revenue projection

In which professional organizations is Stay Breeze a member?

Membership in industry and local tourism associations, VRMA, VRHP, OPMA, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

Rental Program Terms

What is the period and terms for Stay Breeze rental agreement?

60 days notice to cancel the agreement from either party.

How are rental reservations from former program reservations are handled?

In order to maintain the quality guest and home care experience, Stay Breeze prefers to acquire reservation contracts at commission rate of 15% and transfer reservation and guest to Stay Breeze. If this is in not possible, Stay Breeze will work with the prior management company to honor the reservations.

How am I paid?

Direct deposit or mailed check. Direct deposit is issued by the 10th of the month following departure. Month split stay dates are paid based on nights stayed in the prior month (hotel model) in both months on the reservation.

What is on my owner statement?

Reservation dates, rental commissions, nightly rate breakdown by month of stay, and any owner concessions, maintenance, labor charged in the prior month.

Are there restrictions on how often I can use my unit and how do I reserve an owner stay?

No, we do not restrict owner use. We believe owners should be able to use their properties whenever they choose, while meeting the revenue goals set with their property manager and revenue manager.

In Unit

What is the Stay Breeze Guide?

A/C filters, standard light bulbs and batteries, nominal parts and repairs, routine maintenance, annual preventive maintenance, seasonal maintenance inventory.

How is unit entry contactless?

Security video doorbell system, keypad lock or box with code regenerated each reservation, serviced noise monitoring system. Parking, ID verification and check-in are facilitated from our app, which eliminates the need to visit a rental office or front-desk.

Are there additional items?

24/7 Stay Breeze Concierge access, along with pre-arrival trip planning outreach.

What is in the Welcome Kit?

Starter kitchen & toiletries, personalized welcome note, Stay Breeze Guide.


What does the app provide?

Check-in, stay concierge, property & amenity access key codes, parking, guest identification verification and database vetting.

What is Property Management Software?

Motherboard for master calendar and property transactions: availability, rates, restrictions, inventory details, marketing content, and reservation folios. This is also where the owner statements and owner portal are generated for your property. This is where owners can reserve their use of properties or check the reservation calendar.

Do you have a custom website and booking engine?

Yes, we have a dynamic Stay Breeze website and direct booking engine, along with our mobile app to book directly with Stay Breeze.

Which online travel agencies (OTAs) do you connect with?

Listings on all major sites: Airbnb, Expedia, Booking, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, American Express, Agoda with travel packages, plus targeted exposure with niche listing sites and travel agents.

Do you provide a reservation call center?

Yes, we have a reservation call center that has specially trained vacation planners and concierges for each Stay Breeze property and destination.

Property Standards

How does Stay Breeze stock property sundries for owners? How are these reported on the owner statement?

Stay Breeze sets up an annual owner concession account for sundries; repairs, small purchases by owner request. The table is: $200 <2 bedroom; $300 3-5 $500 6-9 $1200 10+; HVAC is has an additional concession of $500/ unit; these purchases are debited from the concession account and appear on monthly statement. Concession accounts are funded at signing of management agreement.

What utilities are required in my unit?

Based on property, high speed internet/ WI-FI, land-line phone.

How are utilities handled?

The utilities are paid by owner/HOA.

Taxes, Insurance and Cancellation Policies

How does Stay Breeze protect against damage to my property?

Damage waiver is mandatory for Stay Breeze guests and is paid at the time of booking reservations. Guest may opt to purchase additional coverage, offering both standard and premium accidental damage protection to owners based on the reservation rate and coverage.

Does Stay Breeze offer Travel Insurance? How do approved policy claims impact owner rent payouts?

Yes, Stay Breeze offers travel insurance projection for both guests and for owners. Owners are paid their portion of rental commission for approved policy claims for cancelled bookings.

What are the cancellation policies of Stay Breeze?

Stay Breeze has adapted flexible cancelation policies to best serve the guests travel plans. Cancellation plans vary by season and booking window. Updated policies are on the Guest FAQ page. Cancellation policies for 3rd party bookings are subject to the reservation holder or merchant of record and in some cases, vary from Stay Breeze’s policies.

How are utilities handled?

The utilities are paid by owner/HOA.