Easy 3-Step Path to Full-Service Management Success

Whether or not to partner with a property management service is a big decision. Do you manage yourself? Are you worried about losing the character of your rental – or owner access for personal use? The Stay Breeze team works alongside a portfolio of clients who have asked themselves the same questions. And for good reason! 

This is why the founders of Stay Breeze built a transparent rental process for owners and guests from start to finish. They did this by using their combined 30+ years in hospitality and management with the best in user-friendly technology. The time and thoughtfulness has paid off in a seamless rental experience. 

Stay Breeze is the property management company for owners and guests who want a return on their investment, and their time. Our team takes this into account every step of the way, starting with the first three steps to Stay Breeze full-service property management. 

Let’s dive into what every new property owner can expect with Stay Breeze: 

Phase 1: Property Evaluation

The onboarding process begins with a walkthrough. Our team has oftentimes learned a rental will shine with the tiniest adjustments, and this is where they can begin to assess how to best highlight the space. 

After the property walkthrough, you will receive a unique management proposal and rental recommendations. If your property is an existing rental, this is when we would request any previous rental history.

Phase 2: Owner Review

Our full-service property management program expertly balances the needs of today’s guests with owner priorities. Based on the evaluation, our team provides custom recommendations and property projections for your review. 

Our team will then chat through which features add the most value, how to highlight amenities, and any adjustments that would make a big impact right away. 

Phase 3: Onboard with Stay Breeze

After you choose to move forward with the Stay Breeze program, the team jumps into action to capture professional photos, complete your requested upgrades, prepare floor plans, establish rental criteria, set up remaining business items, and schedule your first post-launch owner check-in. From beginning to end the three-step process to full-service property management with Stay Breeze is designed to harness your property’s potential through high-quality service and standards for the guest and homeowner experience.   The best place to start is with a personalized rental market analysis or property evaluation. Get started today by messaging our team at [email protected]