Advantages of Having A Professional OTA Management Solution

The difference between an Online Travel Agency (OTA) and a Property Management Company, such as Stay Breeze, can be a challenge to understand. The most commonly asked questions the Stay Breeze team receives about the relationship between the two are:  

Do I need both an OTA and a property management company?  

Why do I need a property management company and an OTA if my occupancy is full? 

What does an OTA even do? 

What does a Property Management Company do?

In this article, you will discover the distinct roles of property management companies and OTAs, along with how property management companies such as Stay Breeze employ a streamlined approach to prominent OTA providers such as Airbnb, VRBO, BookingPal, and Expedia. Suffice to say, there is more cooperation than competition between the two.

What is an OTA? 

By definition, an online travel agency is a travel-based platform that performs as a reseller on behalf of the owner. An OTA enables property management companies and property owners to create enhanced property listing pages hosted by an OTA. The OTA then advertises these listings to their audience of travelers in exchange for a commission-based fee. These OTA listing pages can include a listing description, property photos, prices, policies, and amenities. 

Once your property’s OTA listings are posted, most property management companies begin to receive booking requests. This is where the property management company will enter the process and approve the booking requests on behalf of the property owner. Once the booking is approved by your property management company, the lines of guest communication open, payments are processed, and your property is booked. 

This is where the importance of working with a Property Management Company comes into play. 

There are varying strategies behind listing your properties on multiple OTAs. When done well, these strategies will increase bookings, drive property awareness, and manage your property’s presence on all OTA platforms. 

With that being said, extra effort is required to accurately avoid double bookings and payment errors. Stay Breeze mitigates these errors and manages the OTA process from start to finish. 

From the traveler looking to booking to leaving, Stay Breeze updates your OTA listings, manages rate changes, communicates with guests, and keeps your property in exceptional condition. Stay Breeze continues to streamline the OTA booking process through the all-important instant booking option. 

Instant Booking and OTA Management

Instant Booking is a feature found in Airbnb listings that result in less effort for more bookings. Sounds great, right? Instant Booking builds an additional layer of protection into your listings, increases guest convenience, and reduces the time spent on redundant communication. 

Through Instant Booking, Stay Breeze and Airbnb work together to implement protective policies required of travelers prior to booking. These requirements can include a government-issued ID or recommendations provided by other hosts. For example, in order to instant book, a guest is required to accept all house rules and regulations. If the guests choose to not follow through with the contract, Stay Breeze reserves the option to cancel the reservation with no penalty. 

The Stay Breeze OTA Advantage

When Stay Breeze creates listings for an OTA site, the team’s trusted local authority and marketing insight are applied to boost each unique listing page. Built to attract and convert, Stay Breeze created OTA listings include updated photography, custom descriptions, and local experiences. The special attention paid to optimizing your property on OTA platforms will help to increase bookings and decrease your potential guest’s decision-making time.  Ready to take the next step with Stay Breeze? We’re here to help you rent with ease!